It is forbidden inside the resort Domain Greaca Resort peopleunder the influence of alcohol or drugs, or repulsive appearancein dirty clothes.

Scope * Guests are asked to keep order Domain Greaca Resort and do not cause scandals and violence.

* It strictly prohibits the use of obscene language, rude,indecent gestures, violent behavior and affectingcomfort and physical integrity of customers and staff spring.

* Inside spring tidiness and compliance is mandatorysanitary rules.

* Field not responsible for items Domain Greaca Resort left in lockers atlocker or without supervision.

* The placing and consuming beverages and foodsspring premises other than those sold in restaurants andown bars.

* Access to the pool is a shower after prewash

* It is forbidden to enter the pool of people with open wounds, dermatitis,dermatoses or diseases. Field reserves the right to Domain Greaca Resortdeny access to people who have skin disorders in the pool.

* Entry into the pool only in bathing suit. Persons notcomply with this rule will be removed from the pool.* Not allowed to pool pets.

* It is prohibited jumping into the pool!

* Not allowed jog and reckless on the edge of the pool games.It is prohibited to persons pushing water on the basin.Greek Domain assumes no responsibility for accidents or problemshealth due to these reasons.

* It is absolutely forbidden to urinate in the pool water! The reagents of the waterIndicate the person doing this and it will be imputedchanging pool water and other customers present compensationin the pool.

* Shall not be discarded chewing gum or drinking water seedsunpeeled the pool.

* It is strictly forbidden to minors unaccompanied or unsupervised byparents in the pool. Greaca Domain assumes no responsibility for minorsleft unattended!


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