Food Menu


Moldovian tochitură
(chef’s special)

200g/400g 35 lei

Mansion’s Stew with polenta
(beef, fresh vegetables, tomato sauce, polenta)

200g/400g 51 lei

Meat with polenta
(Pork, sausage, polenta)

250g/150g 34 lei

Home-Made sausages with Slow roaster cabbage

250g/250g 33 lei

Danube Carp Souse with polenta

400g/150g 43 lei

Carp Plachie with polenta

300g/150g 43 lei

Sturgeon soup topped with sour cream

250g/150g 26 lei


chef’s stew

300g/60g 15 lei


Bio cold meats and cheese platter 600g 55 lei

Beef Carpaccio with arugula and parmesan

140g/20g 55 lei
Smoked salmon mousse 200g 35 lei
Tomatoes and basil bruschetta 150g 15 lei
Vegetarian Snack 250g 22 lei
Pike Caviar Salad 150g 26 lei
Steak salad
(mix of salads, beef, cherry tomatoes, parmesan)
300g 51 lei
Veracruz salad
(mixed salads, chicken breast, gorgonzola, prosciutto crudo, mozzarella, parmesan)
300g 35 lei
Salmon salad
(mixed salads, smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, red onion, capers, yogurt)
300g 33 lei


Tagliatele with shrimp and asparagus
(asparagus, tagliatele, garlic, olive oil, butter, shrimp tails, parmesan, lemon, white wine, parsley)

350g 57 lei
Spaghetti alla puttanesca
(spaghetti, olive oil, garlic, cherry tomatoes, anchovies fillets, capers, black olives, capsicum)
350g 30 lei
Tagliatele salmon and Vodka/Caviar sauce 350g 51 lei
Penne with beef and parmesan
(penne fresh, beef, cherry tomatoes, cognac, parmesan, arugula)
350g 51 lei
Penne with gorgonzola and walnuts
(penne, gorgonzola, walnut, parmesan)
350g 40 lei
Spaghetti Carbonara 350g 30 lei


Scamblead over fish
(chef’s special)
300g 55 lei

Florentin Perch Fish
(perch, cheese, almond flakes, pepper)

250g 40 lei
Skewers of squid and shrimp with salsa rossa
(calamari, shrimp tails, salsa sauce)
250g 72 lei

Cozze alla marinata
(clams, cherry tomatoes, garlic, chilli)

500g 59 lei
Steamed salmon served with Dutch Sauce
(file salmon, hollandaise sauce, lemon, parsley)
200g 55 lei
Seafood mix with Steamed Vegetables
(octopus, black tiger shrimp, squid)
200g/250g 80 lei
Grilled fillet of Danube catfish 200g 43 lei
Fried flat-fish 350g 80 lei
Grilled sea bream served with steamed vegetable 400g/250g 55 lei


Chicken breast with sauce gorgonzola 200g/50g 30 lei
Chicken breast with creamy boletus 200g/50g 34 lei
Peasant chicken with toamatoes and cream 200g/50g 30 lei
Chicken with spices 200g 35 lei


Beef pudding 250g 75 lei
Osso Buco
(boiled beef with bone, vegetable mix)
400g/150g 51 lei
Chocolate Beef Sirloin with basmati rice 200g/200g 75 lei
Grilled beef steak 350g 45 lei
Beef with Vegetables ala Monti Steam 250g/250g 98 lei
Stracetti di vitello with arugula and parmesan
(Sirloin, arugula, tomatoes Chery, parmesan)
250g 65 lei


Candied duck legs with mashed potatoes and spinach

350g/200g 49 lei


Sheep pastrami with polenta 200g/150g 35 lei

Plescoi sausages with baked potatoes

200g/200g 38 lei

Mutton chops with yogurt and mint sauce

250g 85 lei


Turkey breast with apple sauce 250g 34 lei
Turkey breast with grapefruit sauce 250g 40 lei


Saltimbocca alla Romana
(loin of pork, prosciutto crudo)
250g 30 lei
Fried and spicy pork 250g 30 lei
Pork with mustard sauce 250g 30 lei
Pork ribs with BBQ sauce 400g 51 lei
Dole butcher
(mix of organs)
250g 30 lei


Steam Vegetables 200g 12 lei
Potatoes with rosemary 200g 8 lei
Rissoto parmegiano 200g 15 lei
Mashaed potatoes 200g 8 lei
Sauteed spinach 200g 12 lei
Mix of grilled vegetable 200g 12 lei


Marinated peppers salad 150g 10 lei
Pickles Salad 200g 9 lei
Roasted Peppers Salad 150g 12 lei
Beet salad with horseradish 150g 11 lei
Coleslaw 150g 8 lei
Green salad with lemon 150g 12 lei
Arugula Salad with tomatoes and parmesan 150g 20 lei


(chef’s special – pie of cheese and dill) 
150g 17 lei
In lap belt 200g 20 lei
Chocolate ice cream soufflé 200g 18 lei
Nougat and banana parfait glace 150g 18 lei
Fruit salad with ice cream 200g 18 lei
Platter of fine cheeses and fruits 500g 85 lei
House Pie 150g 15 lei
Assorted ice cream 150g 17 lei
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